CHINESE - Coming Soon

When we launched PicooZ this summer, we knew it would be a success.

We were confident because we simply knew there was nothing like the PicooZ in the market (PicooZ is also sold under the brand name of Havoc Heli as well as Honey Bee in Japan and China and some other countries).

Our confidence also came from the endless hours we spent in  perfecting the breakthrough concept behind its performance. We tested and re-tested every single aspect of its hardware and software until we feel consumers of all ages can handle it effortlessly.

What we did not expect was the magnitude of popularity from the consumers. This popularity had also been under-estimated by many of our distributors as well. The first shipments were sold out instantly when they arrived at the stores. The good news is we are catching up with extra production capacity to meet global demands. The new shipments should replenish the shelves before X'mas.

The bad news is we did not expect the copy items to start appearing in the market so soon.  We were shocked to see .many factories ( mostly from Shantou, China ) shamelessly offering exact look-alike of our product and packaging; claiming to be the original.

We strongly urge all importers, distributors and consumers not to buy any copy PicooZ for the following reasons:

1) PicooZ is indeed a marriage of breakthrough concepts in aerodynamics, hardware and programming. The smallest details ( for example, the density of the material ) from these three elements need to work together perfectly to ensure its performance, The infringers might copy the outlook, but they do not understand the theories behind it and how to execute those theories. Any consumer who buys such copies will be disappointed;

2) Since PicooZ uses re-chargeable batteries, we are absolutely mindful of any safety concerns.  Not only have we incorporated the most-advanced protective hardware to avert any possibility of overheating, we have also set up a rigorous testing procedure when we receive batteries and motors from our suppliers. Since the infringers have total disregard for law, ethics and safety, we are certain these protective measures could not have been conceived or implemented by the infringers. Any consumer who buys the copy items will risk fire and safety hazards;

3) Violation of intellectual property rights have been a serious issue for years. The victims are companies like us who spend millions in investment as well as endless R&D hours to come up with original concepts and bring them to the consumers. Any consumer who buys a copy product is directly funding the infringers to act illegally while penalizing the originator. It is the intention of Silverlit to launch more creative flying items in 2007 and beyond. But we'd be sorely discouraged if consumers vote with their purse by buying copy items;

4) With multiple proprietary patents, we have consulted lawyersrs in various countries on how to crack down on the infringers. Government agencies have also been notified with further actions under consideration. We will update all our importers, distributors and consumers with further update.  Our investigation also uncovered that many Shantou factories have redecorated our PicooZ for their own demonstration and presentation. Their aim is to collect orders by the steady performance of PicooZ and ship inferior copies products later.

We sincerely hope you will be more vigilant against any copy items.  And with your continuing support, we are going to launch more great R/C items in 2007 and beyond.

We can guarantee you that next year many of you will be truly thrilled by flying products more exciting than PicooZ.

Thank you!
Posted on 2006-11-01